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Add new lead, contact and client. Manage your existing leads, contacts and clients. Real time communication with your existing customers, contacts and leads. Seamless conversion from lead to contact.
Discover new relationships to generate and convert leads. Retain your existing customers by special rewarding program. A personal touch is always welcome and appreciated with your repeat customers.
Relaso is the next generation of Social CRM which was designed from ground up with Social Media in mind. Real time bi-directional communication with your existing customers and leads. Real-time Brand monitoring and management.
Defects & Features tracking and management. Automatic defect and feature request confirmation and notification by email and sms. Automatic defect escalation process. Integrated with subversion, email, sms etc.

Our Blog

Why Relaso ?

Simple to use, even Class 4 dropouts use it

Customizable to your every needs

Capable to serve your complex analytics & reporting needs (multiple formats)

Accessible even from Rs 890 phones, without internet / data connectivity

Rich interface for Internet enabled phones & tablet devices

No software to install, No minimum hardware requirements

Open API, open access to your data 24/7


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